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The Healthcare Benefits Industry has a language all its own and, unless you work in that field, you may be like the rest of us who find it difficult to decipher the material and get a clear understanding of what it means.

That’s where we come in. At Parker Benefits Consultants, we’re passionate about helping you navigate the twisted, zig-zag maze that comprises todays’ medical healthcare benefit options.

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Let our team of highly skilled consultants help guide you through your healthcare benefits plans and options. We’ll help you every step of the way so you can make smart choices that help meet your financial goals and deliver the proper coverage to meet your specific needs.

Lakeisha Parker

Meet Lakeisha Parker

Parker Benefits Consultants CEO Lakeisha Parker is passionate about helping others understand the industry known as healthcare.  For nearly 10 years, as a Human Resources professional she has served corporate America’s employee benefit recipients from more than one vantage point.

Currently, as an Employee Benefits Coordinator responsible for administering medical, dental, vision, health and wellness benefits, including COBRA, FMLA and more to some 2,000 clients, she has become an expert in her field. She previously held the position of an Emergency Room Trauma Registrar and that is where she saw first-hand how those benefits play out in real life. It was then she realized her calling.

Ms. Parker’s experience on both sides of the healthcare benefits spectrum opened her eyes to the incredible volume of misinformation and confusion that often delivers outrageous financial blows to people at, what may be, the most catastrophic and vulnerable times in their lives and ignited her passion.

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