We're All In This Together

When it comes to healthcare, we’re all in this together. We’ll either pay for it out of pocket or we’ll pay via taxes. Either way, you can be sure we’re all footing the bill. That’s why we do our best to help you determine which plan specifically fits your needs.

Individuals, Groups and Self Pay

If you’re an employee choosing from company benefits, a group looking for cost-effective healthcare insurance solutions or an individual wondering if you’re eligible for the government’s tax subsidy credit via the Affordable Health Act (Healthcare.gov) or Medicare, we can help.

Our outstanding team can help you better understand your options regarding:

Small Business and Corporate Services

At Parker Benefits Consultants, we’re consultants, plain and simple. We don’t sell insurance. That means we can deliver expert guidance to you and your team so you can offer your employees the most cost-effective, solid products that help to improve employee health and attendance without breaking your bank.

Let us help you assess and compare plans and options that fit your business, your budget, and your team.

Our Services Include:

Your Health! Your Benefits! Your Choice!